Chippen 8 v

Chippen okt -08 Foto: Carolina Rexgård

Chippen okt -08 Foto: Carolina Rexgård

Foto: Carolina Rexgård

Foto: Carolina Rexgård

Foto: Carolina Rexgård

Sammy & Viggo (Khalibadh Stormvirvel)

Sammy 8 v

Close to Daddy

Taking a nap

Spring is here!

Play, eat and sleep

My Dad is best!

Sammy 3 months

So close you can ......

So nice to be washed...

Running at the beach

Evening by the lake

Modern art...???

A Swedish fotballfan! Of course, Chippen has got his name from the player Christian "Chippen" Wilhelmsson. Both from Blekinge, blond and offensive!

A flying squarrel ? Chippen at lure coursing!

Cutest puppy!

How much can you love a whippet ?

And how much can you love your pony ?

A lovely couple


A happy pony!

Time for play

I do my very best, Dad!

A lovely evening by the lake

Favourite position

March 2010

Linnea and Qyenn

Linnea and Sammy love each other!

Jasper 8 weeks

Jasper 8 weeks

Cutest little boy

Play and rest

The world is so fascinating!!

One of my favorite pics - Linnea, Qyenn, Chippen and Sammy!

The brothers taking a nap togehther

Sammy loves his younger brother

Good place to sleep!

Little brother and big brother

Just checking!!

Happy after playtime!

Jasper 8 weeks

Hot summer 2010

Mixed pictures of our Whippet Family